It’s LEGO not Legos

Huh… are you sure?


Is it legos?


Is it ever a lego?


What about legoes?

Really, definitely no!

So what is it then…?

It’s almost always just bricks and sets!

Bricks and sets?

People most often use legos when they mean LEGO bricks, or occassionally LEGO sets:


Bad I bought my daughter a lego.

Good I bought my daughter a LEGO set.

Bad It hurt when I stepped on a lego.

Good It hurt when I stepped on a LEGO brick.


Bad I gave my son my old legos (or legoes).

Good I gave my son my old LEGO sets.

Bad I really like the red legos (or legoes).

Good I really like the red LEGO bricks.

Are there any exceptions?

Yes and no. “I have a LEGO tattoo” might be more accurately phrased as “I have a tattoo of two LEGO minifigures”, but is probably okay*.

Just basically don’t do the ones above, okay?

Why do you keep shouting?

I’m not shouting or yelling. LEGO is one of those brand like adidas (note the lowercase “a”) that don’t use title case for their brand name.

Does it really matter?

Probably not, but is it not better to get it right? After all, LEGO themselves specify that it’s always an adjective!

Ok, I’m on board! How can I help?

If you see someone tweeting or hear someone saying legos or a lego point them in this direction (kindly) so that they may understand the truth. Thank you for helping to make the world a legos-free place.

Tweet your new knowledge and use #legonotlegos!